Huron Soft & Hard Jaws
When standard won't do, Acorn™ can provide custom top jaws for you. We offer a complete selection of Huron chucks, jaws and accessories. Contact Acorn for assistance.

Huron System 3 Quick Change Jaws

System 3 Quick Change Jaws
Every time you change top jaws you incur downtime... downtime is expensive. The HURON System 3 Quick-Change Jaw Ststem reduces downtime to a minimum.
System 3 uses replaceable inserts that slip on and off the master jaws by simply tightening or loosening the allen screw. Inserts come either hard or soft. Repeatability is guaranteed to .001 or to your chuck's orignal manufacturer's specifications. The System 3 Quick-Change Jaw System is designeed for chucks 6" to 15". Huron will customize System 3 for chucks over 15" or for special applications.
• The System 3 Quick-Change Master Jaws bolt to your chuck like a standard top jaw. The Master Jaw is made out of 1018 steel case-hardened and ground to assure repeatability.
• Top inserts are available soft or hard. Blank inserts are available in both mild steel and aluminum, and in different heights and lengths according to your application


Huron Mini-System

Reduce your Jaw Change Time by 60% or More.
The Huron Mini-Systme, consisting of top jaws, jaw nuts/t-nuts, master keys and screws, allows you to preassemble your next operation jaws while your machine is running. Tell us your chuck model number and diameter and Huron will do the rest.


Huron Top Jaw Forming Device

Top Jaw Forming Device
It attaches quickly, with no tools. It can be used to set up a wide range of I.D. or O.D. workholding. And its selfcentering action gives you equal pressure on all jaws. Most importantly, the Huron Forming Device compensates for "jaw lift", even in worn chucks, resulting in better T.I.R. of parts.

Top Jaw Forming Devices are available in three sizes: to fit 6" chucks, 8" to 13" chucks and 12" to 18" chucks. The Huron Forming Device is built to last, with heavy-duty construction, a heat treated scroll and jaws machined from 4140 steel. No casting or stampings are used.


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System 3 Quick Change Jaws
Top Jaw Forming Device

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